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The most common cause of sensitive teeth (or dentinal hypersensitivity as it's called by dentists) is the exposure of the sensitive part of the tooth called the œdentin. The dentin is made up of thousands of microscopic passageways that lead to the tooth's nerve center. These passageways, known as tubules, are normally covered and protected by the tooth's enamel and the surrounding gums. But when the dentin is exposed, and your teeth come in contact with something hot, cold or sweet, the tubules carry the sensation directly to the tooth's nerves and cause pain.

Potential Causes of Dental Exposure and Sensitivity

  • Gingival recession due to periodontal infection

  • Trauma from improper brush techniques

  • Use of abrasive dentifrices

  • The anatomy of the cementoenamel junction

  • Restorative procedures

  • Oral surgery

  • Bruxism and clenching

  • Consumption of highly acidic foods and drinks, such as citric fruits and some carbonated beverages

  • Xerostomla, either through side effects caused by pharmaceutical agents, aging, or radiation therapy

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