Rajeshwari multispeciality was established in the year 2008. Multispeciality as the name suggests covers all the aspects of dentistry and treatment is provided by experts of various fields. The atmosphere and ambience of our Dental Clinic makes the person calm and relaxed.
Patient as well as attendant are welcomed by our staff. Waiting area possesses a sensible literature on dental treatment and audio-visual system to explain the dental treatment modalities.
Our clinic is situated in the center of city which is 3Kms from railway station as well as road transport station and 8Kms from airport.

We have a team as staff of multispeciality like

  • Prosthodontist (for crown and bridge,denture,artificial prostheses )
  • Periodontist ( for gum disease and pyorrhoea )
  • Pediatric Dentist ( kids and adolescent dentistry )
  • Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon ( for jaw fractures, locked jaw,TMJ surgeries )
  • Endodontist ( for root canal and bleaching )
  • Orthodontist ( for irregular teeth and jaws )
  • Dental Hygienist ( scaling procedure )
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